📰Panhou Retreat: Make efforts to unlock opportunities for women

Panhou Retreat is dedicated to empowering women at all levels, with a hope of not only igniting their potential abilities and leadership spirits but also motivating them to take up space in society.

At Panhou Retreat, women from housekeeping staff to senior managers are increasingly self-assured in showcasing their capabilities, ushering in a fresh perspective within the hotel industry in the Hoang Su Phi region of Ha Giang province. On the occasion of Vietnamese Women's Day, we invite you to join Panhou Retreat in listening to the insightful experiences shared by female employees working at our resort.

Panhou Retreat places a paramount emphasis on sustainable development, with a particular focus on maintaining gender balance and promoting flexible growth. Our commitment extends to ensuring equal opportunities for all positions. This commitment is reflected in the positive changes in our human resource structure, evident from the recruitment process to upper management, where we strive to achieve gender balance. Notably, up to 90% of our female staff are local residents, many of whom have faced challenging circumstances. This underscores Panhou Retreat's vision and determination to support those from difficult backgrounds, enabling them to enhance their lives and prospects.

Assuming the role of Director of the Sales and Marketing Department at Panhou Retreat as of October 2023, Mrs. Trang Do is a female leader with a sharp intellect and extensive experience. She is trusted and empowered to lead her department and also to inspire her employees. With a distinguished background in prominent hotels, Mrs. Trang Do is confident that she can contribute her expertise and a comprehensive vision to Panhou Retreat's development strategy. Embracing a transformational leadership style, she shared, "Leading a team, in my view, necessitates not just issuing commands but also empowering subordinates to actively participate and contribute. This approach fosters employee enthusiasm, respect for their work, and cultivates a multi-dimensional analytical mindset in myself."

Although she has just recently joined the Panhou Retreat team, Mrs. Trang Do has already demonstrated her exceptional abilities by successfully implementing and promoting exciting new resort programs to esteemed partners. Currently, she and her co-workers are brainstorming new projects for the resort, aiming to impart the value and significance of therapeutic tourism to our customers.

One of our objectives in assembling the resort's team is to explore new leadership potential for the future. Ms. Giang Thanh takes pride in having officially become one of the two sales managers at Panhou Retreat after slightly over a year of service. She reflected, "At Panhou Retreat, each position demands different skills and experiences, but there is no gender disparity in empowerment. I am pleased that my efforts over the past year have been fairly and rightly acknowledged by the company. This recognition motivates me to continue striving not only for my personal development but also for the success of Panhou Retreat."

Throughout our 20-year journey alongside the people of Hoang Su Phi district, Panhou Retreat firmly believes in providing opportunities for transformative change. With over eight years of service, Mrs. Chinh has consistently fulfilled her role as a resort caretaker with unwavering responsibility. Whether the weather is sunny or rainy, she ensures that every path within the resort remains clean and orderly, and the trees are well-tended and healthy. To describe Mrs. Chinh, no term is more fitting than "dedication." In contrast to other Tay ethnic women who often limit themselves to tending to their fields and families, Mrs. Chinh aspires to break free from these conventional boundaries and seek personal development opportunities. She fondly shares, "Back then, it was truly challenging to secure a stable job with proximity to my family in this highland district. Yet Panhou has placed its trust in an older individual like me to maintain the 'face' of this resort." She also excitedly mentions that her daughter-in-law has been hired as a chef at Panhou's Khu Cao restaurant, preparing meals not only with love but also with dedication and enthusiasm. This exemplifies how a single individual, one trailblazer offered the right opportunity, can inspire numerous other women to explore their boundless potential.

In our day-to-day operations, Panhou Retreat actively supports the professional growth and development of female employees. For instance, within the housekeeping department, May has acquired essential knowledge about general operations, pre-shift preparations, and the features and uses of equipment and tools utilized in the cleaning process. After more than a year of diligent work, May is recognized for her conscientious and friendly work style. Foreign guests at Panhou Retreat consistently express their satisfaction and offer praise for May's thoughtfulness when returning to their rooms. Furthermore, May has significantly improved her confidence in conversing with customers in English, a goal she has harbored since her first days at Panhou. Beyond being a source of income, the experiences at Panhou Retreat have equipped many employees like May with crucial life skills that will benefit their future careers.

Each individual has a unique story and circumstances, but they all share the admirable qualities of modern Vietnamese women: intelligence, confidence, and independence. Panhou Retreat's dedication to its female employees and its commitment to providing them with opportunities to demonstrate their capabilities have fostered a lasting bond, contributing to the creation of a positive and equitable work environment. We extend our best wishes to all our female employees, hoping for their continued success and happiness in both their professional and personal lives, whether within the realm of the resort or as they pursue the numerous "doors" of great potential in the future.

At Panhou Retreat, every experience offered is unique that not only combines the best of what we have but also gives back to the community. We are a proud local retreat with a purpose, to provide true hospitality services that come from the heart, and create positive impacts in everything we do.

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