📰Panhou Retreat has been selected by Travellive Magazine as one of the best retreats on Hotlist 2023

As a high land commune on the western border of Ha Giang province, Hoang Su Phi has long been famous for its beautiful terraced fields! + Not as famous as other tourist destinations on the S-shaped land, Hoang Su Phi brings a very unique beauty, giving each visitor a new, magnificient and immense but also.

Panhou Retreat, our peaceful paradise nestled in the middle of Hoang Su Phi, has recently entered the list of top hotels and resorts for body-mind-soul healing in the Hotlist 2023 of Travellive Magazine. This recognition is testament to our determination to deliver quality and unique travel experiences to our guests.

With nearly 20 years of experience, Travellive Magazine is a prestigious magazine specializing in travel and lifestyle. Each year, this magazine publishes “Hotlist of the Year” to honor and showcase outstanding hotels, resorts and yachts with 16 categories. The process of selecting candidates with enough reputation to be shortlisted this time has been carefully carried out by Travellive’s experienced editors, drawing on their extensive expertise and practical knowledge.

The recognition of Panhou Retreat strengthens the resort’s position as a top destination in the retreat category. Nestled among the majestic landscapes of Hoang Su Phi, Panhou Retreat is an ideal vacation spot, offering a peaceful and tranquil space where visitors can immerse themselves in nature and diverse cultural experiences of local ethnic groups.

Travellive’s special Hotlist of the Year issue is now available on the magazine’s online media sites such as its website, social networks and at more than 900 free distribution points nationwide (including more than 300 hotels and 3-5 star resorts, VIP lounges at international airports in Vietnam and many restaurants, coffee chains and spas).

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